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Cloning can be one of the most difficult parts of growing, but it can also be a very low maintenance, easy to do process if you have the right equipment. When most people think of the "right equipment" many times they will think of the EZ Cloner. This clone machine has been around for years and is very popular with serious growers, and for good reason. This machine has high success rates and is very easy to use. You simply take your clippings, put them in the foam inserts, and turn your machine on. However, the EZ cloner is very expensive and for this reason many growers opt to build their own aeroponic clone machine.

Most of the time you will have to look at spending upwards of $300 for a good clone machine like the EZ Cloner, but with a few tools and a few hours time you can build your own aeroponic cloner. The materials you need to get the project done include: 18 gallon storage tote, some pvc with appropriate connectors, water pump, sprinkler heads, mesh pots, foam inserts, air pump, air hose, and an air stone. With a total cost for all of these materials at about $75, it really is a good investment to make your own clone machine. It only takes 2-3 hours to construct and with the right plans, the process will be a breeze.

So why is aeroponic cloning the most popular method of cloning? Most people would agree that this method allows for maximum oxygen to the rooting clones. This is key because if the clippings don't get enough oxygen, they will never root. This is a problem some people experience with deep water culture hydroponic clone machines. If you don't have enough air bubbles with oxygen rich air, you just won't see the results you are hoping for.

With aeroponic cloning methods the clipping is hanging directly into the air with no growing medium. The clippings are then misted with water or nutrient solution from the sprinkler heads below which allows the clippings to get the much needed water they use for producing their new root system.

Whether you decide to buy an aeroponic cloner or you decide to make one, just know that you are making a good decision by going with an aeroponic cloning system. These are the best systems out there and you will see results faster than any other cloning option out there.

For DIY Aeroponic Cloner Plans, click this link. For any other homemade hydroponic systems, click this link.

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Aeroponic Cloner Machine

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This article was published on 2010/10/13